AccuFLEX Assassin II World Champion Long Drive Golf Wood Shaft 46" .335 - Flex A,R,S,X or 2X (Stiff)

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The breakthroughs continue! The ASSASSIN 2 incorporates A2 graphite technology into a tighter-torqued version of our breakthrough ASSASSIN.

ASSASSIN II. AccuFLEX Golf's most popular A2 shaft entry. This "is a golfer's dream" shaft! AccuFLEX Golf's standard length version of its World Long Drive Championship winning ASSASSIN Series shafts. At 46.0" and 68 grams, this lightweight, versatile shaft has been touted by as " great shaft for about 95% of all handi-cap golfers". It continues to anchor the "Distance Series" of shafts.

This shaft fits a wide range of players due to its quick recovery and ease of "loading" the shaft. A mid to high launch shaft with a mid-soft tip for players who have a semi aggressive to smooth swing. This shaft creates the right amount of spin to accommodate many swing types, not too much, not too little. The A2WC has been referred to as the "longest Driving everyman's shaft in golf"

A Gorgeous Polished Gloss Red Textured Finish Provides Outstanding Cosmetics.

Flex A, R, S, X, 2X Length (in) 46.0"
Weight (g) 65g, 65g, 67g, 69g, 69g
Torque (degrees) 3.5°, 3.5°, 3.5°, 3.5°, 3.5°
Tip Diameter (in) 0.335
Parallel Tip Length (in) 3"
Butt Diameter (in) 0.600
Bend Point Mid, Mid, Mid, Mid-Hi, Mid-Hi
Swing Speed (mph) 70-80, 80-90, 90-100, 100-110, 110+

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