Alignment Made Easy Club Face Alignment Training Aid. One Golf Training Aid to Improve Your Full Swing, Putting, and Short Game.

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AME or Alignment Made Easy is a training aid to help golfer's of all levels improve their full swing, putting, and short game. Learning how to aim your club face properly takes time and practice to perfect. When you practice with AME you will be able to train yourself how to aim your club face exactly where you want. The new ball flight laws explain that the ball will start mostly where the club face is aimed at impact so it's critical that you teach yourself how to aim your club face. When you practice your putting with AME you will learn what a proper putting set up feels like. You will feel what it's like to have your eyes directly over the ball or slightly inside of the ball. You will also see if your head moves right or left during your stroke. Don't waste any more time, get AME now and start improving your game!

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