Alpha Platinum Graphite Wood Golf shafts - .335 tip (65 Gram, Ladies)

Starting At $46.99
Exceptional Feel + UNBREAKABLE Lifetime Guarantee Alpha Golf graphite shafts are designed for a lifetime of consistent performance and lossless energy transfer. Alpha Platinum Wood shafts produce an exceptionally smooth feel, yet are strong enough to harness the energy of even the fastest swingers. These versatile shafts come in a extensive selection of weights, frequencies, and flexes. Incorporating "S-Carbon 500" modulus fiber, this durable graphite shaft produces consistent and accurate launches with minimal dispersion. So your shots will stay straight and fly far! The Platinum Wood series comes in a 45, 55, 65, and 75 weight ranges to fit all types of player profiles and playing levels. Every Alpha Golf Platinum shaft comes with a UNBREAKABLE Lifetime Guarantee against chipping or breakage.

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