Brampton PRO-FIX Glass Shafting Beads - Golf Club Shaft Installation Stabilizer - Increase Bond Strength

Starting At $10.55

Brampton Pro-Fix Glass Shafting Beads (.002″) are glass oxide granules that help stabilize and properly center the shaft in the hosel. Professionals recommend using glass shafting beads for dramatic help in increasing bonding strength of epoxy.

Shafting beads increase the structural strength of Brampton Pro-Fix 5&15 Quick Cure and Brampton Pro-Fix 20/20 Long Cure adhesive when added for supporting swing speeds that exceed 100 mph.  

Mix 2% to 4% by volume of Pro-Fix Glass Shafting Beads to Pro-Fix Adhesives/Epoxies.

Brampton Technology's objective is to produce products which provide a safer workplace for individuals and to contribute to a cleaner environment by removing hazardous materials from the workshop. Brampton's research is aimed at developing safe, cost effective products for the golf community. Our products are available worldwide!

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