Champkey USA Flag Golf Grips Set of 13 (Midsize)

Starting At $69.99


Core Size:60 Round

Standard Weight:48g

Midsize Weight:50g

Oversize Weight:52g

Package Include:13 x Champkey Grips , 13 x Golf Tape


 USA-FLAG GRIP is our newest golf grip, with a different concept, its appearance is more eye-catching, it's made of two parts, and the inner tube is made of rubber or ultra-light foaming material, Tacky Polyurethane outer layer for a great comfortable feel,more astringent feel better.All-weather to provide excellent astringent.

 USA-FLAG DESIGN - STAR Texture:Use the STAR Texture with USA-FLAG DESIGN to make, make the grip more meticulous and charming ,surface texture can help you with a smooth, consistent, and reliable swing your club,Release oneself!

 COMFORT MATERIAL Tacky Polyurethane outer layer for a great comfortable feel,All-weather to provide excellent astringent .

SERVICE - Any order part of missing, please contact us in time,we will provide a free delivery service. if you recieved error grips,We will provide compensation services(This means you can keep the wrong grip without returning it to us.)and re-delivery the right grips for you! Champkey Backed by 100% Money back Guarantee, this is totally risk-free buy.


When you're ready to use the grip,Please use the Fixer to fix your club,!

Please do not Sprinkle solvent on the golf grip surface, which will cause minor damage color (chemical reaction)。

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