CLOVERY Coolmax Fabric Moisture Wicking Short Sleeve Zipup Polo Shirt White US XL/Tag XL

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CLOVERY Active Wear Short Sleeve Zipup POLO Shirt

COOLON : Cool Technology of Fabric
- COOLON is always with you to refresh your life!
- Faster moisture absorption / quick dryness / Unique Brightness / soft touch.
- The cross section if COOLON is specially designed for your comfortable life.
- While you enjoy your activitise COOLON evaporates your sweat repidly

CLOVERY Women's Coolon Active Wear Short Sleeve Moisture Wicking Athletic Shirts!
The wicking knit technology pulls moisture away from the body.
Wicking properties repels moisture away from the body to the exterior of the Zipup POLO shirt
leaving your body free from any sticky feeling.
highly breathable with moisture wicking fabric which evaporates moisture away from your body fast.

Dynamic in its' design Functional Coolon Fabric is Light, soft, absorbs and dissipates moisture quickly Fast Drying, Breathable Fabric, shoulder has contrast accentuates the sporty design, high quality.

Measurements ( Inches )

  • S-Shoulder:15/Bust:19/Length:26.8
  • M-Shoulder:16.1/Bust:20/Length:27.6
  • L-Shoulder:17.3/Bust:21/Length:28.7
  • XL-Shoulder:18.5/Bust:22/Length:29.5
  • 2XL-Shoulder:19.3/Bust:23/Length:31.5
  • 3XL-Shoulder:20.9/Bust:24/Length:31.9

  • S-Shoulder:15.4/Bust:19/Length:24.8
  • M-Shoulder:15.7/Bust:20/Length:26.4
  • L-Shoulder:16.9/Bust:21/Length:27.2
  • XL-Shoulder:18.5/Bust:22/Length:28.3
  • 2XL-Shoulder:19.3/Bust:23/Length:29.1
  • 3XL-Shoulder:20.9/Bust:24/Length:30

  • S-Shoulder:16.1/Bust:19/Length:25.6
  • M-Shoulder:16.9/Bust:20/Length:26.8
  • L-Shoulder:17.1/Bust:21/Length:27.6
  • XL-Shoulder:18.5/Bust:22/Length:28.3
  • 2XL-Shoulder:19.3/Bust:23/Length:29.5
  • 3XL-Shoulder:20.9/Bust:24/Length:30.3
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