ELDR Supply Glass Water Bottle Eco-Friendly | Wide Mouth | Silicone Sleeve and Base for Non-Slip Grip | Easy to Clean Borosilicate Glass | Double enforced Glass Base (16.9 Oz) (2-Pack)

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Choose a durable, glass water bottle from ELDR Supply and show you have style and an ecofriendly heart!

You rely on a water bottle to do three specific things: hold up to whatever adventure you have headed your way, keep your water cold, insulated, fresh and enjoyable, and be safe the environment. The minimalist design will weigh heavy in your heart but not on your wallet.

Crafted with BPA free, highly durable glass, our insulated water bottle keeps your water cool and fresh so it stays delicious with every sip. Features a wide mouth design that's not only easier to drink from, but makes creating tea or fruit-infused, essential oils, water simpler and more fun. Whether you use it as a Gatorade water bottle for the gym, playing tennis, or a Vodka water bottle for those relaxing evenings at home. Perfect as an office gift, and stocking stuffer for the holiday seasons. Black Friday, Cyber Monday deals for friends and family.

Get the ELDR Bottle today and use it for work, take it to the gym, or hit up the golf course in style; no matter how you use it, our wide mouth glass bottle is the superior choice for classy, active lifestyles. Wildly accepted by the yoga and wellness community. Customers love to add h2o, fruits and other detox ingredients (ex. Lemon). Custom options are available.

Product Details:

  • Durable Glass Body With Double Enforced Glass Base
  • Wide Mouth Opening
  • Silicone Wrap and Coaster for Non-Slip Grip
  • Dishwasher Friendly
  • Saves Money Over Disposable Water Bottles
  • Reduces Waste and Landfill
  • BPA, PVC and BPS Free

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