Grip Secret - Golf Training Aid - Your Best Golf Lesson Instantly Fix Your Golf Slice or Hook Gain Power & Accuracy Improves Chipping and Pitching

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GRIP SECRET INSTRUCTIONS: Grip Secret fits on the club (as pictured) in between the right forefinger and thumb. The "V" points between your right shoulder and chin. The picture on the product page is what it should look like on the club with the "V" pointing somewhere between the right shoulder and chin. Hogan said it should point to your right eye. The thumb is to the left of the "V" and the index finger wraps around to the right of the "V". Grip Secret really works. The more you practice with Grip Secret the more it will become second nature to you to not grip too tightly with the right hand. It is cheating to use Grip Secret during play. Grip Secret will train your muscle memory not to grip tightly with the “swing-wreckers” (Hogan) the right forefinger and thumb. The results are pure powerful shots every time. It is made of a durable but soft material that can be squeezed and will train the proper grip pressure on the Club. The muscles of the right forefinger and thumb are connected with a very powerful set of muscles that run along the outside of the right arm and elbow to the right shoulder, chest and back. If you squeeze too hard with the thumb and forefinger you activate the muscles through the right side of your arms to the chest and back which will decrease your power, and create an inconsistent release of the club robbing you of your accuracy. Power and accuracy for the golf swing are derived by using the larger muscles of your core, hips, legs and shoulders. Through repetitive use Grip Secret will enable you to repeat a consistent club release resulting in a powerful swing, improving your chipping, pitching and putting. You will love what it does for your game or your money back.

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