Guiote 4PC/Set Wood Golf Headcovers #1 460CC Driver/ 3# 5# Fairway Wood/H Hybrid PU Leather Golf Clubs Head Covers Set for Brand Bomb

Starting At $59.99
1) Guiote Golf headcovers are designed and developed by our talented group of senior golf product designers. Using the highest quality PU leather available - which is also the best wearing alternative to genuine leather. The PU leather feels soft and flexible while also being wear-resistant and resilient to dirt and staining. All covers are waterproof and provide impact protection for your golf clubs. The Guiote Golf PU headcovers are designed not to fade and are lined with the soft and luxurious velvet to further protect the clubhead during use in all types of golf bags. 2) The designers of the Guiote Golf headcovers have adopted the most popular Vintage design. Clever use of a double layer piping trim ensures that the covers maintain their shape and can be easily fitted to club heads. A cross hatched stitching method using an elasticized thread allows each cover to remain securely attached to the clubhead at all times. 3) All Guiote Golf headcover models combine the most creative fashion elements, beautiful colors and magnificent embroidery detail to create all models in the Guiote Head Cover range. The excellent workmanship, exquisite embroidery and attention to detail on every product made, shows the pride in the products of all who work for the Guiote Golf Company.

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