MAZEL One Length Men's Golf Irons Clubs Set of 9 (4-SW),Graphite,Regular Flex,Right Handed,Casting

Starting At $278.00
Mazel brand built by Justin golf factory with 20 years,professional and skilled technology ensure your satisfaction.

This golf iron set packaged with 4H,5H,6,7,8,9,Pitching Wedge,Approaching Wedge,Sand Wedge.

A lower,deeper Center of Gravity is designed to make the sweet spot more accessible at lower impact locations.

Single length features high MOI,give you more forgiveness

Uniform specifications for consistent feel for every golf shot.

This generates longer distance and improves accuracy for more greens in regulation.

No matter you are a junior or experienced golfer, Mazel Irons can help improve the golf game,enhance ball striking, consistency, comfort and confidence.

More features About the Single Length Clubs Irons:

Loft:24°,28°,32°,36°,40°,44°,48°,52°,56° for 4-SW
Shaft Length:37.5"
Head Weight:268g
S.W.:D2( steel),D0(graphite)

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