Pro Taylor Fit NANO Made PGA Tour 65 Gram Graphite Golf Iron Shafts - A, R or S FLEX (Senior)

Starting At $13.50

Much easier to swing than so called "lightweight steel shafts", yet provided improved Accuracy, Distance & Control.

Incorporates unique composite construction to create a new and innovative shaft flex profile for maximum distance and control.

ProMade Iron Technology repositions the materials and patterns to optimize the performance characteristics of the shaft.

ProMade Irons provides a stiff tip section for optimal launch and spin control, with a very firm butt section for an incredibly stable feel, while the center section of the shaft is softer to provide outstanding kick through impact to maximize ball speed.

With its mid-low bend point and low torque tip stiffness produces the optimal launch angle and ball spin.

Compare quality to top OEMs TaylorMade, UST, Grafalloy, Aldila Golf Graphite Iron Shafts at $49.99 and up!

Virtually no spine - on all 4 quadrants the shaft will cpm +/-2 in a 360 turn cycle

Length (in) 40"
Weight (g) 65g
Torque (degrees) A 4.1*; R & S 3.1*
Tip Diameter (in) 0.370
Butt Diameter (in) 0.605
Bend Point Mid-Low
Swing Speed (MPH) (A) 70-80; (R) 80-90; (S) 90-100

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